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Inside the RV
RV Roof & Exterior Coating Service In Calgary 403 295-9400

Protect your RV, motorhome, tent trailer, motorcoach roof and exterior with Tyro Coatings in Calgary. With the harsh, varied climate of Alberta, it is important to protect the RV exterior. What could be worse than taking your trailer out for the first drive of the season and seeing a less than perfect condition? Maybe your RV is starting to show its age or has some cracks and leaks starting to form throughout the siding. Tyro Coatings can help. We have been serving customers in Calgary & Alberta for over 15 years. Providing customers the Tyro Advantage.

Hot High Performance​

  • TYRO uses an industrial process that pressurizes and heats the material to 180ºF and dries in 5 seconds. This results in perfection even on inverted surfaces; no runs or drips. 

  • Product Temperature - 150-180ºF 

  • Product Pressure - 1400-2000PSI


The Tyro Coating Advantage

  • Strong

  • Thick polyurethane elastomer, with superior chemical properties needed for heavy truck use.

  • Rust Prevention

  • Polyurethane spray forms a seamless blanket of protection from the harmful effects of water and salt.

  • Consistent

  • No running or dripping due to our high heat, high pressure system. This results in consistant texture, front to back.

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Protection ranges from diesel fuel to phosphoric acid.

  • Non-Slip Safety Surface

An RV roof coating will make your roof strong enough to resist moisture from rain and snow, intense UV sunlight, and outdoor debris which can wear down the surface over time and lead to costly repairs.

Please give us a call for the options available for your RV, motorhome, tent trailer and motorcoach 403 295-9400

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